Japan Masami Masuyama [Osaka, Japan]


Canada Steven Le Blanc [Toronto, Canada]

Steven Le Blanc is a writer, translator, and English instructor living in Osaka, Japan for 10 years. He was born and raised in Canada. He moved to Japan after graduating from university where he majored in Engineering. In addition to writing articles for StudyNow he also writes regularly for RocketNews24 under the name “Master Blaster.”


United-Kingdom Dan King [London, United Kingdom]

Dan is a level four certified TESOL teacher from London. He’s taught English for six years, three of those in Japan. He has big fluffy hair like a bunny, and loves nothing more than dancing. He can be contacted for lessons at jubiusin@gmail.com.

Japan Kumi [Miyagi,Japan]


Jessica Kozuka [Arizona, America]

Jessica Kozuka is a freelance writer and editor living in the exciting, interesting and sometimes perplexing city of Tokyo. Her work has appeared in Wine Spectator, CNN Travel, and The Japan Times, as well as numerous other print and online media outlets. She writes a column on NPO/NGOs and volunteer work for Metropolis, the largest English-language magazine in Japan, and specializes in EFL educational materials and travel writing.

Chiaki [Kanagawa, Japan]


Kiyomi [Ymaguchi, Japan]


Preston Phro [Colorado,America]

Preston is a Tokyo-based writer who loves classical Japanese literature as much as underground Tokyo metal bands. Whether old or new, he is attracted the weird and beautiful. To keep up with his adventures in Japan, be sure to check out RocketNews24


Japan Mayumi [Aichi, Japan]


Chris Feilla [Brisbane, Australia]

Chris Feilla is a semi-retired property investor from Brisbane Australia, currently travelling around the world. Playing guitar, football and surfing are some of his interests. He loves experiencing new things and having adventures.